Jeremiah 29:11

Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the LORD, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.

Monday, November 11, 2013


According to my Dove wrapping, “daydreaming is free”.  I love my Dove chocolates, but I am not sure about some of the sayings.  Again, I pick apart the phrase and sometimes, it just is completely different than the sweet little saying.  I guess one of the reasons I pick things apart so much is because I want to please God by what I do.  I know I do a lot of things wrong in my flesh, but I at least have a desire to try to do the right thing.  That fact in of itself is a good start.

Anyway, that phrase got me thinking that we can spend too much time daydreaming about what we want in our lives.  And it can be fun to imagine the ”what if’s” of life as long as we don’t live in that frame of mind.  Daydreaming is free,  it is a truthful statement;  daydreaming IS free.

What I started wondering about was how much time is wasted on daydreaming… I could spend lots of time thinking about other things: exotic vacations, being rich, having a perfect man, perfect children, the perfect body, and/or the right house.  (I certainly don’t dream myself into a shack, deep in debt, and dying a miserable life)  But really, how much time do people waste on daydreaming? I don’t know.  Some much more than others I’m sure.  Even though day dreaming is free, it can cost a lot if you are left in a state of wanting so much different in your life.  It’s not wrong to want nice things, or have nice things.  But it is not good if we put our daydream desires as our main goal above all else.

Have you ever had a time when things were going REALLY tough and whatever it was occupied all your thoughts?  Ever gone to sleep like that and wake up and think, “I am still here”?  I have.  Sometimes life can be a real struggle and running away seems like a good option.  But I for the “average” lady, I don’t think we really want to leave, some perhaps, but that’s not what I am talking about.  The daydream that takes a few minutes of “I wish I was on a beach, or mountain, or wherever”, is fun and makes you think, “that would be nice”.  But daydreams that take over your thoughts are no longer a quick, fun thought, but a reminder you don’t have what you want or you don’t want what you have.  Those “daydreams” are more of a hindrance than a help because we start seeing all we don’t have and seeing what we do have as something not worth having.

I certainly wouldn't need God too much if I had a mountain side view and “perfect” family, house, etc., So, I would rather leave daydreaming behind and focus on finding my fulfillment in God.  God has each one of us in a place of His choosing because He knows what we need to draw closer to Him.  I have wonderful things and people in my life, but I do need Him for my every day, real life, role as wife, mother, friend, daughter, or sister.  It may not be as easy as the daydream but it is far more rewarding!

Ecclesiastes 6:9 Better is the sight of the eyes than the wandering of the desire: this is also vanity and vexation of spirit.

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