Jeremiah 29:11

Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the LORD, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Triumphant Reflection

My perspective has been totally focused on the past, the hurt, the trail, the resulting confusion, and even dislike of where that has me.

My world has changed. Not that change is bad...but change is change. It means adjusting to something whether it was brought on by us or someone else.

Over the past several months my prayer has been rather simple. I kept asking God to change my heart and my mind. It is all I have felt I could say. Each person has to deal with their own questions when something in life has been thrown at them and they have no answers for in their situation.

 All I knew was that I didn't really feel "safe and comfortable" like I used to.

But I have learned something.

Today is just one more day. A lifetime of things defines who we are and each day we make important steps. They've learned, although I haven't shared on my blog, that living triumphantly is simple. Simple in the fact that it does not mean I have to do anything extraordinary, spectacular, or world changing. Living triumphantly is a living through whatever we face on our journey through this life. Sometimes just the fact that we got through another day is a triumph in itself.

Living triumphantly is just doing what's hard for you.

So how my doing on my journey this year of living triumphantly? Had you asked me during those three months that I was not blogging, I would have told you I was doing a horrible job. In fact, that's why I was not was not blogging. I want to write. I want to give anyone who reads this hope in God. A glimpse of how good He is. But sometimes I get so focused on what I don't have what I don't see, how what I have that I don't want and that I can't see anything clearly enough myself to even share that with you. Above all I want to write from my heart. My heart, Jeremiah says, is desperately wicked, however when we're in God's word our hearts become godly and that we want to follow God. God the Spirit will yield the godly heart. In the flesh, I will always have a wicked heart but the triumph is overcoming by the Spirit.

I am still asking God to change my heart and mind.  I ask the Holy Spirit to lead me.  I ask to see things as spiritual battles rather than physical ones.  I get encouragement from a godly lady.  I read my Bible. 

So, how am I doing living a triumphant life this year?   

Great!  I am focusing on God and He has triumphed over it all and I just try to see that.  And when I don’t, and I am in my flesh, I turn my head again to Him… because that’s triumphant!

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